10th edition of the Public Archaeology Magazine brings dossier on the archaeological study in authoritarian and dictatorial political contexts

08-01-2015 15:32

Now available for download 10th edition of the Journal of Public Archaeology, linked to the Laboratory of Public Archaeology Paulo Duarte, UNICAMP. From this issue, the magazine will now have to publish material thematic dossiers for Archaeology in their social and political spheres.

Thus, Dr. Rita Juliana Soares Poloni, postdoctoral LAP / NEPAM / Unicamp, with the support of the Foundation for the State of São Paulo (FAPESP) organized this edition a dossier on the archaeological study in contexts political authoritarian, dictatorial and democratic transition. The theme acquired more defined contours at the beginning of this century, as evidenced by the volume of publication with support from the Secretariat for Human Rights of the Argentine Republic, Archaeological represión y la la resistance in Latin America 1960-1980 (Catamarca National University of Catamarca, 2006 ).

In this context, the publication includes an article on Anthropology, Archaeology and the uses of the past during the Cold War, the researcher Andres Alarcon-Jimenez, PhD in Cultural History.

Texts about archeology in repression and resistance contexts, specifically on the Araguaia guerrilla movement, the Professor. Dr. Patricia Sposito Mechi and Michel Justamand, besides the articles: Ways and Strayed the Scientific Atlantic:. (.. Prof. Dr. Rita Juliana Soares Poloni) Archaeology and New State in Luso-Brazilian context; New perspectives for the Archaeology of Repression and Resistance in Brazil after the National Commission for Truth (Dr. Inês Virginia Prado Soares) complement editing.

The publication also contains an interview with Andrés Zarankin, professor of Anthropology and Archaeology Department of FAFICH-UFMG on the archeology of repression and resistance.

In https://goo.gl/QMnzm7 link you can read the full text of the editorial written by Pedro Paulo Funari, archaeologist, Unicamp professor and editor responsible for Archaeology Magazine public.

To download the entire contents of the 10th edition of the publication just visit: https://goo.gl/hD1XC5

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