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The Working Paper "FOR A LATIN AMERICAN SCIENCE AND CULTURE " developed by the Partner Director of DOCUMENTO, Dr. Erika Robrahn-González, is already available. The paper presents an analysis on the extent of the commitments and results of a Latin American intellectuals, independent scientific and cultural colonialism. According to the Working Paper, numerous stand out in developing work schedules and knowledge networks on the continent. Among the initiatives, there is the International Knowledge, created in 2008, in January, held its "III Congreso de Ciencias, y Technologies Cultures" in Santiago, Chile. The event saw the participation of DOCUMENTO, represented by Dr. Erika Robrahn-González, who now joins the group "Law, Education, Ethics and Sustainability: dialogues between the various branches of knowledge of Latin America and the Caribbean", coordinated by Dr. Jean Garden.

One of the commitments of the group will forward the issues summarized in the working paper "II Encuentro de Ciencias Humanas y Tecnologias para la integración em el Conosur" which will occur in May in Bogota, Colombia.


Click here and access the full Working Paper. To enlarge the communication of its contents, the text is available in three languages​​: Portuguese, English and Spanish.


The document can also be accessed at the Library of [email protected] site and on Cyber ​​Congress.


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