Coworking in Collaborative Environments

20-12-2010 15:39

   Continuing the implementation of coworking tool that have started with [email protected] platform and its collaborative environments we present today a new tool that will compose the others environments in a custom way allowing more people help in the knowledge building and in the applied science effectiveness.

    With this tool the developed activities throughout the projects implementation stay available in a minimum time allowing the active and directed participation of each person in the current steps of our projects. It is a innovative and efficient proposal that in addition to reveal the transparency of our activities reveals the importance of the communities participation to the effective achievement of the collaborative project aims.

    It is about a Agenda that is characterized as a personal page that concentrate all the individual user data: the links related to the projects that the person contributes, contacts links with mates and members of the company, past contributions, groups list and discussion forums that the person takes part, etc. This way we concentrate all the environments related a certain project in only one place being easier the organization and contribution of our collaborators.

   The initiative totally integrates the proposal because it boosts the communication between participants becoming possible a active relationship in a short time in addition to facilitate the participants collaboration in the organization and in the projects and events progress.

    This way Documento enlarges the use of the coworking tools revealing a new way of work always aiming the collaborative method of active and dynamic participation respecting each day more the ideas and particularities of each one of their collaborators once that become possible to make a team work in real time with people that are in different places.

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