DOCUMENTO creates a Consilience Center

27-04-2012 16:25



To improve your social-ecological research with communities, DOCUMENTO is creating a Resilience Center. Through this Resilience Center, DOCUMENTO continually seeks to advance in cultural, social and ecological scientific research, especially with the indigenous and traditional communities with which for years has been developing projects.

To consolidate the DOCUMENTO´s Consilience Center are being conducted study visits to the Stockholm Consilience Centre, on Sweden, and to the Santa Fe Institute, USA, by Dr. Erika Robrahn-Gonzalez, Partner Director of DOCUMENTO; Ana Carolina Brugnera, Professional Representative of DOCUMENTO Unit Architecture, and Dr. Paulo De Blasis,  archaeologist .

Consilience is the capacity of a system (a social or an environmental system) to deal with critical change and use them in their development processes, having as ultimate goal a long term sustainable socio-ecological evolution.

Consilience thinking has strong link with the consilience perspective, which studies deal with the convergence between sciences epistemologically distinct, especially between natural and historical/archaeological sciences.

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