In the Social Medias the Congress Has Already Begun! Be Part of It!

25-01-2011 10:59

   With the annexation of two new tools: the participant´s Personal Agenda and the XVI IUPPS World Congress / XVI SAB Congress Subscriptions Page we improved the collaborative work proposed by DOCUMENTO developing activities in a interconnected way linking the Congress general information with the specific information of each participant. 

   This way the participants start to protagonist activities because they can view in a practical way all the communities they are involved.

   The Personal Agenda concentrates the user individual data – name, country, formation, institution; professional data - Finish or ongoing projects, researches that he /she is developing, done works. If the user wants is possible to include extra personal data as curriculums in Lattes Platform, links to pages as LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut. To add data is necessary to the user request and send the link to be added in his/her Personal Agenda. 

   In this part will be inserted personal data including medias the user wants. Example:

In this part will be included data about the participation on the Congress. Example of fill: 

Here are related the Thematic Groups (from IUPPS blogs) the person belongs and the days of participation on the Congress as well the event localization, etc.


   The information about the Congress also will be available in a page that allows the choose of an organization criterion. (Pic. 1); it can be organized by the Thematic Sessions (pic 2) or any offered criterion as videos, communications (Pic 3). This organized lists will be available in the Subscribed area in the [email protected] Congresses page.

   Pic 1: Page that offers the observation criterion: 

   Pic 2: Page with the option Thematic Sessions selected.

   Pic 3: Data by observation criterion chosen before.

   With the data organized this way the participation of everyone will be easier and faster being possible to add values and create knowledge through the inter-users exchanging of data before the Congress happens once they may view the Thematic Sessions and the publications of other participants increasing the speed of communication and the quality of interaction between researchers of the same area and different countries about the research to be presented on the Congress.

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