In the Social Medias the XVI World Congress IUPPS / XVI Congress SAB has already Begun

29-04-2011 00:03

 At the 1º interactive meeting with the stakeholders, tomorrow April 29th, inside the concept of Coworking We will attend asks and information about:

Participate and inscriptions, Payments, Hosting, Tourism and Accessibility beyond looking for collaboration, suggestions from the participants and stakeholders.

Participate with you collaboration inside the addressed themes!

Twitter: @xviuispp or @arqueopublica with direct questions using the Tags #xviuisppSab and #xviiuppsSab and also dor DM (Direct Messages).

You can tweet by SMS using the service of SMS2, learn more here.

Facebook: XVI Congress UISPP or Documento Antropologia e Arqueologia Posting in Our Wall your messages.

Skype: You can Add the ID: doc.atendimento or doc.mkt.eder

Email: Send Us Email with this subject: First Interactive Meeting with the stakeholders of XVI World Congress IUPPS / XVI Congress SAB for the Email addresses bellow:

[email protected] or [email protected]


Participate and don´t stay out!


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