Researchers and Academic Students can subscribe to the II Archaeology Week at UNICAMP (State University of Campinas City)

07-01-2015 15:13

The II Archaeology Week at UNICAMP is scheduled to march between 23th and 28th. But for the interested in participate as listeners, coordinators or realize some workshops, the symposiums and Shor Courses are already available in this edition to subscribe.

Until March 15th, who wants participate as listener or coordinator of the II Archaeology Week at UNICAMP should fill the registration form that could be accessed at Public Archaeology´s Site: According the report made by the Scientific Commission of this event for every kind of subscription will be delivered (with presence receipt) a Certificate of Participation.

Who wants to participate in Workshops and Shor Courses the subscription should be made until January 31th. If will be overbook the selection of this participants will be made by the analysis of the résumé or by the experience of the proposal in the case of symposiums.

The II Archaeology Week at UNICAMP is promoted by the Public Archaeology Laboratory Paulo Duarte and is supported by the agencies for research as FAPESP and FAEPEX/UNICAMP. In this event the students of Bachelor or Post Graduate and young researchers will be participate of the communications, short courses and workshops as listeners or also as a panelist, stimulating debates, publishing research papers and establishing professional links.

In this year, the II Archaeology Week at UNICAMP theme is “History and Material Culture: challenges of contemporary”. Among the list of the Shor Courses, Workshops and Symposiums are: Heritage Education and Archaeology: challenges and contributions; Uses of the past, Roman antiquity and authoritarian regimes: the role of material culture in the construction of contemporary identities; Introduction to Classical ceramic studies: the study of Greek vases and Greek tradition; Journalism and Archaeology: Introduction to media relations; Collaborative Archaeology: between the concept of heritage and science of traditional communities; Challenges of Cultural Heritage in the XXI century.

For more information go to official page of the II Archaeology Week at UNICAMP: In this site you can Download the reports of the disclosure by scientific commission with more details about the procedures to participation.

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