Special Meeting of IUPPS Executive Commission

07-02-2011 18:30


  The last work meeting before the Congress in Brazil happened in February 04 in Paris Sorbonne-France, in the INHA - National Institute for the History of Art. 



  Participants: Abdoulaye Câmara, Albrecht Jockenhövel, Anthony Harding, Claude Mordant, Emmanuel Anati, Erika Robrhan-Gonzalez, François Djindjian, Françoise Bostyn, Friedrich Lüth, Gilbert Kaenel, Januz Kozlowski, Jean Bourgeois, Luiz Oosterbeek, Marcel Otte, Maurizio, Quagliuolo, Rossano Lopes, Stefano Grimaldi. 

  See the Dr. Rossano Lopes video with some details of the meeting. 


  Click here and see more pics of the meeting.


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